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Cybersecurity and Technology Forensics

We develop preventive advisory, detection and evidence gathering tasks to deal with all types of digital threats.

In an increasingly globalised world, in which new technologies have become predominant, the risks faced by organisations are increasing at the same time as the dependence and relevance of these tools is growing. 

Grupo Paradell , aware of this new scenario, has a large team of experts whose proven training and experience enables us to offer our clients a wide range of highly specialised services in Cybersecurity and Technological Forensics.



Computer security has become an essential and strategic aspect for any organisation. As reflected in the media, there are numerous security incidents and data leaks that companies are currently suffering, causing them direct and indirect economic losses, which also affect their reputation. For this reason, more and more clients are demanding maximum security and guarantees in the various platforms they use for the proper functioning of their business. 
Our Cybersecurity services include, among others:
  • Security Auditscomplete analysis of infrastructures (systems, network, applications), looking for vulnerabilities or configuration errors.
  • Intrusion test (Pentest): security analysis of your infrastructure (hardware and software), based on "ethical hacking" techniques to gain access to systems, apps or company data.
  • Incident response: assisting in the technical and legal management of the security incident, collecting and preserving relevant information. Forensic analysis of the incident is also performed and evidence is acquired.
  • Industrial Security (OT)We analyze and secure your OT networks, providing operational visibility and threat detection.
  • Cloud Security: real-time control and monitoring of your data when your users access cloud services, applying all security and compliance measures. Together with the results of the security audits, an Action Plan is delivered that will include a set of proposed solutions and general recommendations to correct in the short/medium term the main security weaknesses, establishing their priority according to their criticality for the business and the efforts required for their implementation.


Training through a platform that helps organizations to improve their level of cybersecurity, empowering their employees through actions and recommendations for awareness and well-being in the workplace.


Through interviews via chatbot, the platform collects information regarding the job position, work environment, level of cyber awareness and personality archetypes of employees.


It provides the employee with cybersecurity awareness and personalized recommendations based on their characteristics. The organization is given as a result the support actions to strengthen the workforce, storing the responses confidentially.

Why is it essential to invest in Cybersecurity?

2. Technological Forensics

In order to ensure the stability and protection of organizations that must face any type of incident or insecurity, at Grupo Paradell we collect evidence from all types of devices, following the most advanced and effective forensic techniques. Furthermore, thanks to the methods we use, we guarantee that all this evidence can be used in a possible judicial process. Our specialists also have extensive experience in advising legal teams on the provision of digital evidence.

We are also able to identify and safeguard all relevant digital information, identifying the relevant data sources or even determining the physical location of devices, as well as carrying out on-site evidence collection with specialized equipment.
Our Technological Forensics services include, among others:
  • Information leaks
  • Unfair competition activities.
  • Disclosure of secrets.
  • Crimes against Intellectual Property.
  • Counter-peritages.
  • Computer-related fraud.
  • Analysis of the activity of a device
  • Monitoring of activities
  • De-anonymisation of profiles in forums, social networks...
  • Defamatory actions that negatively affect the reputation of the company.


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