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A major company in the industrial sector called on us after receiving various reports through various channels regarding the possible collection of commissions from suppliers by one of their managers.

Our client on this occasion was an important company in the industrial sector.

The aforementioned manager was in charge of managing the purchase of raw materials. When negotiating prices with various suppliers in the sector, and he often charged a 'commission' based on agreed prices, volumes and methods of payment.

Grupo Paradell launched an investigation with different suppliers in the sector, both those who paid commissions and those who refused to pay, with the result that they were unable to sell their products. Therefore, we were able to verify that commissions had indeed been charged for more than 5 years.

In addition, a forensic examination of the manager's computer equipment was carried out, which was used to prove the manager's own home accounting in relation to the collection of commissions.

With the help of our report, the company proceeded to dismiss the manager, who did not even file a lawsuit against the company after presenting it with all the conclusive evidence that had been obtained by Grupo Paradell.