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An international investment group had just acquired a majority shareholding in a company of the auxiliary construction sector. After his arrival at the company, they appointed a new steering committee, keeping the same commercial director.

After almost a year and after having established new policies and controls in the organisation, they begin to spot the loss of some important clients in a certain area of Spain.

They also begin to suspect that perhaps someone internally is leaking information to competing companies. The main suspicions focus was on the commercial director. The commercial director is very knowledgeable about the market, travels a lot, and his activity is difficult for the management to control. In addition, his personal life seems to be quite out of control.

The international investment group came to verify whether their suspicions were true or not.

After several weeks of monitoring, we were able to verify that the commercial director was meeting regularly with a former sales representative, who was the regional director of a competitor company. He even met on several occasions at the competitor's company.

Through our forensic service we were able to find out that most of the clients that the company had lost in recent months were working now with materials manufactured by the competitor company. We were also able to verify that many of the expenses presented to the client company as representation expenses were in fact personal expenses that the commercial director charged to the company, many of the trips he claimed to make were not actually made.

The loss of turnover with these customers was estimated to exceed in 1.5 million euros in the last six months.