The CEO of an important company of the automotive auxiliary industry asked us to carry out a Gap analysis with the aim of internally implementing an Economic Intelligence System, which would allow them to operate in a more strategic way.

The company was growing very fast, and they were aware that they had to improve in certain aspects of risk management.  

Our analysis provided the organisational improvement several aspects:  

  • Compliance
  • Internal risk detection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Threat Intelligence (ver artículo:
  • Reduction of external risks due to conflicts of interest  

In addition, a major leak of information was detected at the R&D level and the collection of significant commissions from suppliers by some of its managers.  

With our help, they were able to customise their toolkit, undertaking a phase that allowed them to integrate different information collection channels into a single repository that centralised all information.  

As a result of all our actions, the client was able to have a centralised Strategic Information Management (SIM) system. The system was established to measure the ROI of the ISM system, which proved that it was a system that made increase their incomes.  

The implementation of the system allowed them to cross-reference external risks and threats with internal opportunities and strengths, and thus to get ahead of the market and stop being so reactive in their decision-making.  

In the medium term, the foresight system was implemented to allowed them to monitor key success factors much earlier than before, and to certify that they offered competitive advantages and would continue to do so. Technological risk and intellectual property were also monitored, allowing them to make faster progress in seizing international opportunities.