A company in the pharma sector asked us to carry out periodic competitive surveillance reports through our Competitive Intelligence services. The crucial factor in this type of analysis is to transform the data collected into useful information that allows right decision-making.

The company's main objective was to be able to anticipate the actions of its main competitors, in all kind of areas such as the development of new brands, patents, corporate moves, restructurings, employee relocations, M&A operations, new business lines, promotions, changes in competitors' organisational charts...

After defining together with the client the main topics and selecting those competitors that were of interest to them, over a period of 12 months, more than 6000 relevant and pertinent information items were monitored and qualified for them.

With our help, among other things, they were able to detect an important commercial and distribution expansion plan for a new business line of one of their main competitors. This plan was based on the recruitment of highly qualified sales personnel, some of whom were being recruited from the client's own company.

They were also able to improve at anticipating their competitors' M&A processes, allowing them to scrap efforts on some takeover deals that were already well advanced by their competitors.

From a reputational point of view, we help them to identify important reputational risks that would have gone unnoticed by the client.