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Corporate Intelligence

We protect organisations by providing valuable information for decision-making.

Corporate Intelligence is based on the systematised collection of key information from reliable sources and its subsequent transformation into knowledge. Its use helps to make the best decisions, as it is based on analysis, providing a business advantage in the form of taking advantage of opportunities, avoiding the materialisation of risks and proactive decision-making.

Economic intelligence is a rigorous and tested procedure aimed at giving the right information, to the right person, at the right time, to make the right decision.

The exponential increase in accessible information and the speed at which it is generated creates significant opportunities for organisations using economic intelligence.

The different applications that Grupo ParadellIntelligence area can offer to its clients provides added value to the organisations' strategy, allowing them to make the best decisions.

Our Corporate Research services include, among others:

  • Strategic Intelligence : monitoring of all strategic areas of the company, internal and external, for the reinforcement of decision making; carrying out periodic analysis and research in relation to the established requirements. The nature of the solutions we provide in this area are as creative as the problem is genuine.
  • Competitive Intelligence: monitors and seeks information on the competition at all stages of the business, enabling the detection of threats and opportunities.
  • Brand Intelligence: search for factors that may alter brand image and positioning. This service monitors everything from corporate reputation and the reputation of the Board (or Senior Management) to the application of the brand.
  • Technological Intelligence:monitoring and search for technological advances for the client. Advances can be in the areas of production, logistics and/or service. It represents a reinforcement of the company's R&D area.
  • Reputational Due diligence: with the aim of analysing a local partner, validating a candidate, assessing the influence of a person in a sector/business. In other words, to have useful information for decision-making about people, allowing the detection of risks and threats.


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